Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Anime Music Video in Bangladesh

First Anime Music Video in Bangladesh

 First Ever Cosplay Music Video In Bangladesh
Muttakin Rashid Alvi (Flash)

Evening of April 1 at Abahani Field in Dhanmondi was absolutely stunning. What a rocking & shocking shooting it was! Innovative ideas and celestial sunset gave the program a terrific form. People from all walks of life were found watching the shooting live. There were flashes & cameras all over the place.
The temperature was almost 31 degrees. There were so many attractive cosplayers who were cosplaying either an anime character or a super hero from a cartoon. Before the final shoot, all the performers including the cosplayers had to practice numerous times. It was really tough for all. Eventually, toughness lost to enjoyment! The song ‘’Char chokka hoi hoi’’ was being played loudly and the dancers were showing their flashy dancing moves proudly. There were really small kids who were skating and it made the evening more scintillating.
Mazecity formerly known as Team Otaku (The first Bangladeshi Anime group created by Mxbhai, Shontrix, Shadow Nirvana, Devil's Luck, Shahid Wasio and Shinobi Kun) organized the program and the performers were the members of Mazecity. The costumes, the choreographing and the performance were so splendid that our enjoyment knew no bounds. Especially the permission of freestyle in the end of the shooting, a six hit by Batman in the middle, colourful hair & pretty eyes, the robotic dancing moves altogether created a more perspective view.
The people who made this event successful were the choreographers, the dancers, the cinematographers, the editors and lastly but not the least, the viewers. From the cosplay characters Uryuu Minene, Son Goku, Unohana Retsu, Marshall Lee,She Hulk, General Aladeen, Wolverine, Titan, Saiko, Duela Dent, Batman, Joker , Uchiha Madara, The Riddler, Electro, Trafalgar Law, Konan, Tiger,  Sasori, Kurko Tetsuya, Hatake Kakashi, Gaara, Storm and finally Flash can be described. Everyone contributed to the event equally. But Akib Jonayeed’s (Devil's Luck) hard work, management and most importantly a cool head made the event go beyond excellence. He, Samiya Tabassum, Akif Chowdhury, SaadmanJk, Saadman Shahid Chowdhury & Navid Ahmed were great choreographers. Tanvir Aman & Imara Sakin toiled very hard to shoot the video. Later Sattar Md Emon & Jesan put all the shoots together & edited the video for finalization.   
Special thanks to Matbor Tower and Abahani Field’s Administration for contributing in making this Music Video.
Well, that really was freaking awesome. If you have missed it, don’t worry. You’ll be able to watch it on YouTube by searching,”Char Chokka Hoi Hoi- Mazecity Edition”. Let’s see what kind of revolution this video brings in Bangladesh. Hail to the City Of Maze where anime lovers come together!
                                                Muttakin Rashid Alvi is a representative of Mazecity. He is the founder of allrounder team. He is an idea executive of Symphony Sylhet.

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