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1. Tree House Memories
”I could only hear the sound of three things, the ticking of the dusted clock, the spinning of the rusty fan, and the beating of my timid heart. And right when the door opened, I. . . . .” It was a damp day just like the ones on which I stayed at home and played chess with my father. I was with my brother and his wife (who I didn’t like much because she always tried to create a distance between my parents and my brother) at the time, since my parents had passed out a few months ago. My father died of a heart attack during a fight with sister-in-law for she misbehaved with my Mom (I don’t quite remember what it was about as I was a little kid back then). My mother, not being able to bear the pain, drank poison. It was a lot to go through being a seven year old. That evening, my brother had arranged an evening barbeque event on our backyard on celebration of my departure to The U.K. Our backyard was always my “world of adventure”, but it was the never the same without having Dad in the tree house to spy on me. While everyone was enjoying, I was in deep thoughts of a day, just like this one.
My parents, my brother and me, all of us were out at the park that day. My parents had a lot of fights among themselves back then, but they didn’t want me and my brother to know, we found out anyway. I had been holding a balloon which unknowingly went out of my grip while I was busy taking ice-cream from “the big purple ice-cream parlor”. I ran behind the flying balloon and awkwardly fell down. My Mom started shouting, and not only shouting, but shouting at my Dad although I wasn’t even hurt that bad. One thing led to another and they started fighting as if they were monkeys and I was the banana for which they were fighting. I couldn’t understand much of it; all I understood was that what ever was going on wasn’t good. There were two reasons of my sadness, first, for my parents fight, and second, because I had lost my balloon. I ran home leaving my family at the park and climbed up to the tree house and kept on crying. Not much later, I heard someone climb up. It was Dad. He sat beside me and comforted me like a protector, a friend and most importantly, a father. Since that day, I always climbed up the tree house whenever I was sad, and Dad always came up to comfort me.
That day was just like this one, the same dampness and almost the same misery. The flashbacks charged my legs up and made me climb up the tree again. That was the first time I went to the tree house after my parents passed out.
I kept crying just like the first time. And I heard someone climb up. I recognized the sound to be the ones my father made while climbing up. I stayed shocked and eagerly waited for the person. I knew it was Dad, it had to be him.
”I could only hear the sound of three things, the ticking of the dusted clock, the spinning of the rusty fan, and the beating of my timid heart. And right when the door opened, I. . . . .”
          2.Tears Of Blood
He still remembers the hope on her face, that perfectly young look, that alluring voice, that paper white complexion, those rosy cheeks, those big blue eyes, that soft golden hair and those blood-red lips. Walking down that alley, rushing against the wind, heading over to the park bench. Her heavy ash cloak, just like that of a witch, dragged over the grass, the wind struck her hood off and also the thin piece of cloth that she had been using to mask herself, and there it was, her horrifying beauty!
She looked up to the sun, he saw what a radiant beauty he had refused to love, she put up her hood and looked at him, she claimed him to be her morning sun and to be her silver moon. That very moment, both of them were having a ‘flash-back’ of how they were, when they were together. She could no longer keep up her eyes on him, a drop of her tears rolled down her cheek as she closed her eyes and walked away.
Like in every other love story, looking back at the boy means that the girl is in love with him, but in this love story, it meant that the girl was still waiting. He waited for her to turn over, and apparently she did.
Earlier that decade, she had begged for him to stay, cried, screamed, and hoped, that her love will keep him with her. But no, he left her alone with her disease. She loved him enough to believe that he would struggle with her, to defeat cancer. But, for him? He thought, that the girl who still hopes for her love to come back, was going to die anyway, he thought, that, it was better for him to find someone else. Why did he leave her? Because he was selfish and stubborn like most other people. Because she made some mistakes in pleasing him, because he wanted her to be perfect in everything, because, she had been attacked by a disease, before their last prom night during graduation weekend. She never had the opportunity to wear that glittering red dress.
She waited for ages, what gave her strength to fight against the disease, was ‘hope’, that he’d come back. That morning, he went behind her, pulled her back, held her tight, and said ‘‘it’s time to put and end to your hope, to your wait, I love you ‘‘. Before she could smile, being as selfish as always, not being able to bear the regrets of his filthiness and to put out the burden of crime off his chest, being unable to handle the realization of his fault, he brought out his knife, and like a beast, inserted the knife right into her chest. All that the murder brought was more lamentation. The last words she said were ‘’ don’t worry, I forgive you, because, finally, my struggle paid off, I always loved you and will love you forever ‘’. She closed her eyes for good, and what rolled down her cheeks were ‘’tears of blood”.
    3.Tiny Blue Wings
Haley was stunned looking at the colors of the creature. Haley was standing in front of the train cabinet, looking at the landscapes through the window. In a while it had started to rain. Haley’s brother James had come outside the cabin to call her sister to have lunch with their parents. But the two masterminds got busy in challenging over a rain drop race. The droplets once went left and once went right, but at last, James won.

Paying homage to Buddha!

Haley turned out to become very arrogant and sad due to her defeat and aggravated the situation up to refusing to have lunch. She kept on looking outside the window. And that’s when the creature had come to her notice. Shiny blue and black wings, two antennae, that looked like toothpicks and a dark brown chest with a tiny ping-pong like head. It went on flying and fighting against the large water droplets. It looked like it needed help, it looked like it needed Haley’s help. Haley’s heart melted looking its great struggle. Being a four years old toddler, she was an extraordinary kid to think of such phenomena.
So long, the creature had been visible outside the window, but then it had gone forward. Haley got confused and wondered if she had upset the thing, that’s when she realized that not only the creature had gone forward but also the movement of the landscapes had stopped, and eventually she understood that the journey was over, the train had reached the last station. It was time for Haley to put her steps on the railway platform.
By that time, the dark clouds had moved aside, giving out the blazing heat and light of the sun. Haley and her members were moving towards the exit door. But something stopped Haley and she went back towards the platform. The creature that had been the focus of her attention was nowhere to be seen. Haley jumped off the platform and landed on the railway track. She searched a few meters both front and back, but couldn’t find her little friend. Haley had gotten disappointed and looked down, the fairy like posture of the creature while it had been fluttering its wings, kept on haunting Haley’s mind. And there occurred arrival of a beast. It had a small figure but seemed more fearsome that any other crustacean, with the color as black and faded as coal. A long hard tail and razor sharp fork like teeth. It seemed poisonous just by looking at it. And coming out of its mouth was a wing; just like the ones the other creature had that Haley had seen earlier.
Haley’s heart missed a few beats and when it did start to beat, Haley could hear it on her ears; she was terrified in thoughts of how the little flying and fighting creature’s struggles had gone to a waste.
After reaching home, Haley and her brother James had analyzed the two creatures and found out that one was a butterfly and the other was a scorpion.
Haley was a bright child, she had realized, that maybe the butterfly’s wings had gotten wet and injured due to the heavy rain and the poor fighter landed on the ground, thus, also, it ended up being prey to the scorpion.
Haley kept on cursing both the rain and the scorpion and sat down on the ground not caring about the rest of the world until her brother pulled her away and saved her from being hit by a train.

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