Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Muttakin Rashid Alvi

    What a ridiculous situation it was at a Malaysian Hotel!
I was sleeping in our room. There were two beds in the room — for me and my sister. While I was having a mellow dream, an alarm (set in my mobile phone) went off loudly. It ruined my sleep. To my horror, I saw on my phone that it was 4:30 am and my sister wasn’t in the room. I searched for her everywhere in the room. Then I ran out of the room. My parents were in the next room. I knocked on their door vehemently. Not a sound came out from the room.

I returned to my room and called the reception. I told them that my sister has disappeared. They kept saying, “Disappear? Disappear? How? How?” I was crying and wondering why would my sister go out without informing me at the wee hours. This was our first time there and we didn’t know the place well yet. That thought made me more anxious. Moreover, my sister’s mobile phone was in the room and after calling my parents I found their phones to be switched off as well.
As more time passed, I even had terrible thoughts that robbers might have entered the hotel.
I decided that I would go to the ground floor and inform the police. I locked the door using the card. I went into the elevator. Pressed “GF”. Reaching ground floor, I ran to a bell boy, asking him the way to the nearest police station. Fortunately he was Bangladeshi. I explained everything to him like a frantic child.
After that he just kept laughing. I got angry and asked him why he was laughing about a horrible situation. He then told me that my family went out for shopping. And just a few moments later, looking at a clock at the reception I found that it was 6 pm! My mobile phone didn’t show the accurate time. It was because I changed the SIM card after reaching Malaysia. Napping during the day and the alarm going off were also to blame.
Everyone at the ground floor, especially the bell boys and receptionists, were laughing at me. It was a big relief though, knowing that my family is safe. This is one incident I won’t forget.