Sunday, October 27, 2013


Could This Be The Next Step to Music Videos in Bangladesh??

About a year ago, four friends decided that they wanted to dive into the world of videography together and that’s how Flybot Studios was born. When the founder of Incursion, Saadi Rahman, asked Flybot’s Khan Samiuzzaman about what they could do for Cryptic Fate’s album Noy Mash, they came up with a theme that we are yet to see in any music video in Bangladesh so far. A group of young individuals ready to become a horde of zombies was called up to make this zombie apocalypse themed music video for Cryptic Fate’s eight-minute song Akromon.
 The director of the music video, Wasi Ahmed, tells us that the music video follows a story set in a time where zombies have taken over the streets of Bangladesh. We follow three veteran zombie hunters who have had their lives torn apart by this apocalypse.
Akromon is a song about war and how you have to fight to survive. The music video conveys that very message with style. The video is filled with action-packed, nail-biting sequences. The visual effects are also stunning with zombies getting shot. There are also many guest appearances in this music video with Zohad from Nemesis, Oni Hasan from Warfaze, Jamshed from Powersurge, actor Tousif Mahbub and musician Fuad. The video premiered at Dhaka Comicon on 25th October. Cryptic Fate is releasing one single each month from this March for their new album on the liberation war, Noy Mash.

                                                                                                    SOURCE: SHOWBIZ

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