Thursday, July 11, 2013

Novel : Hiding ( PART 1)

Livi's POV

"Trust me Livi. I researched this hotel on all of the websites I could think of. It has good reviews from people like us. Plus, it's in a safe area." Ushmi, my sister said reassuringly. Yeah right. First of all, there is no such thing as safe area in the year 2819 and that's what Ushmi said about the last place. Her bruised face proved that. She just kept saying over and over that 'It's ok. Everything on the sub-net is true.' The sub-net is an underground internet system for people who follow the laws... Like Ushmi and me. Everyone knows about the sub-net, but not everyone can get into it. First of all you need to scan your fingerprint into your laptop, then put in your password. Everyone who uses the sub-net has two passwords. One to get in and one to send you to the regular internet, because apparently I guess some psycho people decided that they wanted to get into the sub-net and held a guy at gun point so everyone has two passwords. Only people with no criminal records can access the sub-net. When you commit a felony and it goes into the records, your sub-net on your computer stops working and it sends you to places like 'Internet Explorer,' or 'Google Chrome.' I think that despite the sub-net creator's efforts, some criminals pay computer geniuses to hack into the government and delete their records.

America wasn't always like this. Criminals didn't run as freely, celebrities donated money to natural disaster victims, and the government and the police actually tried to do something about the way people were living. Now they only catch criminal's when it's to their convenience. They do try to cover it up though. So we won't start a revolution like the one in the 18th century. You know. The one against the British. We can literally never leave the home and live a normal life. It's called The Virtual Program. (VP) Very original right? Basically you get into a dark chamber and suddenly you are at the park or on a roller coaster. Need real friends? No problem! Just go into their "fun" little chat room where you can meet kids your own age in your local area. It seems real though. If someone touches your arm the VP hacks into your body's senses and makes it feel like someone is actually touching your arm. The way the VP messes with your senses is when you are a baby, if your parent chooses to (which mine didn't) then you can have a chip injected into your brain so when you have your first experience with the VP then it'll feel more real.

Mostly nothing has changed technology wise for the modern people of the world. Only the rich have things like, jet packs or oh I don't know... a house on the moon. Some things have changed like the VP and hover cars. Yes hover cars. When Ford came out with them, they claimed that it would be too cliche to call them 'Flying cars.' Twenty years ago, the price for them were so high that only the very rich could buy them, but Ford wanted more money so the price on it slowly shrunk so the middle class could buy them. Ushmi didn't get one until all the parking lots were designed specifically for them so that everyone in cars that didn't hover in mid air would have to buy them.

The atmosphere on the other hand has changed from worse to better. It got so bad that we almost lost the bees one summer and everything was flooded from the polar ice caps melting. So what did we do? We got smarter about what we put into the atmosphere. We used cleaner ways to make products and they designed cars to produce less carbon monoxide. With a lot of work, we got the polar ice caps back to the way they were in the 19th century, but while the atmosphere got better, the government got worse.

Now, America is so corrupt that voting has become a joke and the senators and representatives have done away with all the amendments that protected citizen's rights. They kept the one's that would start a revolution like the thirteenth and nineteenth amendment. Freedom of speech are one of the amendments that they got rid of. The only way people like Ushmi and I know about what's really happening in the world is the media that runs on the sub-net. Most people ignore them though because. in my opinion, they are too comfortable with their little sliver of freedom to want to get upset about what the government is really doing. The only reason that the people who run the media on the sub-net is that the government has no access to it. The people who created the sub-net decided that government officials and police officers were too corrupt to be allowed on the sub-net. They really are corrupt though. The president has been the same one all my life and I'm thirteen years old.

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