Sunday, July 14, 2013

EXTREME Novel : Hiding ( PART 2).

But not everyone is comfortable with living at home there whole lives. There are people who don't trust the government and can't stand the VP. Those few people would be Ushmi and I. "Ushmi, where did you find information on this hotel?" I asked, digging around in the bags for one of our laptops that are connected to the sub-net.

"Um... I believe it was," she replied thoughtfully. Fantasticaz is a fairly reliable website and people usually go on there to comment something about a place,whether good or bad, or to look up information about a place.

"Were there any bad reviews?" I asked struggling to pull the laptop out of my duffle bag. Usually if there is one bad review about a place, you lock your door and not even think about going down to their pool and/or spa.

Ushmi took her time to respond, "No. Not av single one and believe me, I looked." Its extremely rare to find a place with absolutely no bad reviews. Once the laptop was free, booted up, and logged in to the sub-net, I keyed in the name of the hotel which was 'Ridita's Five Star Resort,' and the state which was Illinois. Ushmi was right. No bad reviews, but there were some interesting ones. They have their own security, actually lifeguards, and a spa staffed with people who actually went to school for giving people massages. Whoever owned this hotel must be rich to have all of this. I'm starting to believe that this hotel is too good to be true. I guess I'll find out when we get there.

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