Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is life really a race? If so, then why?

You have to be number one in class.
You must have more friends.
You must have a job that pays higher than that of your neighbour’s.
You must become more successful than your batch mate in college.
   Life is like a race but it is more than just a competition. The greatest man might not be the richest, the fastest, the strongest or the wisest. Men who are continuously trying to get ahead of the next guy will never be happy. So have they truly won anything?
   Looking at it from another angle, I see life as a journey, with a few mountains to climb, some bumps in the road; not just something to endure. There are stops along the way. So pause, smell the roses and enjoy the trip.
  I could ask like Aristotle, “A race for what?” The only end line I know of is mortality, and to be honest, I’m not in much of a hurry to get there.
You don’t need to race but
– You need a degree.
– You need social skills.
– You need money to live.
Employers pay based on your performance.
– If you run a business you have to race with others.
My father always says, “Life is certainly competitive. Fight or die.” Well, I believe, if one enjoys the competition then one should really take life as a race.
In the end, life is only a race if we are competing with ourselves. It’s about who will cross the finish line — not who will cross it first.


  1. babah!!!!!ishh...sobai jdi tor motoi vabto...

    1. Ami r ki emon likhlam. TObe shobari nijer jibon shomporke shocheton hoya uchit.