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For Bangladesh:
Admission requirements for Pilot License in Bangladesh
-HSC Science Group with Math and Physics.
-Physical fitness.

first you have to pass in health examination , then you have to start training in a flying academy such as Bangladesh Flying Academy or any other private pilot training institutes in Bangladesh. you have to pass all exams taken by Bangladesh civil aviation authority who gives you license.
minimum age requirement is 17 years.

the total cost is taka 18 lac to 20 lac to become a commercial pilot in Bangladesh.
And to have a chance to study in UK , Bangladesh or any where else. PLEASE DON'T SHARE IT TO EVERYBODY! LET'S KEEP IT A SECRET! OWK?? :D


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      FAA physicals are conducted by an AME, medical doctor who is also an Aviation Medical Examiner. The AME will determine whether you meet the standards required by the FAA to safely perform the duties required by the level of pilot certificate you hold. Establishing a relationship with your AME is quite helpful when trying to pass the exam. A doctor who knows your medical history and you personally is more likely to be accommodating to your schedule and will most likely keep an accurate record of your previous FAA physicals. They will also be more knowledgeable about any conditions or medications that you may be taking.
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      Good health is essential to pass the exam. Do not try to prepare for a flight physical a week before the exam. Try to establish basic healthy lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthfully, and cutting out excessive drinking. Go the extra mile to protect your hearing and vision. Wear protective sunglasses frequently and wear a noise canceling headset while flying.
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      If you know you have a condition that may disqualify you for obtaining your medical certificate, do not take the exam. Call the FAA to anonymously ask about your condition to determine whether it is disqualifying. If it is, postpone your exam until the condition can be fixed. Being denied an FAA medical is a very bright red flag to potential employers and also to future AMEs. Its better to let your current medical expire than to try to obtain one and get denied.
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      If you wear hearing aids, contact lenses or glasses bring them with you to the exam. Bring your current pilot certificates along with the names of any medication that you are taking.
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      The FAA medical exam is a standard exam that should always consist of the same tests and standards for acceptance. This information can be found on the FAA website. At a minimum, you will have a hearing and vision test to include a color vision test. You will also have a basic test of your lungs and breathing, balance, and blood pressure. An electrocardiogram, or EKG is required above the age of 35.

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