Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Social media is ruining relationships

    You don't want to miss the part where your parents and siblings are enjoying a film together or your partner's face is beaming with joy after achieving a good result in exam, do you? But that that is happening around the planet.
    We've lost the true moments with our friends and family of our life because of social media. Ironically, by engaging with social media, we have lost the true moments of our life. In our quest to connect virtually, we disconnect from our reality and the people in it. We lose the experience of happiness in the process of trying to refine our smile for public consumption. Our attachment to positive reinforcement through likes and comments will keep us detached only.
    A tool to connect us with others makes us feel isolated and obsessed over the appearance we're making, the responses we're getting, the impressions we're giving.
   If devices constantly interfere with our conversations, we undermine our ability to connect with others. Some of us misses the flicker of emotion in his or her daughter's eye, the look of exasperation of his partner, or the attempt of a friend to share something meaningful with him. Theoretically, social media is meant to connect us, but in reality, it acts as a barrier.
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