Wednesday, September 23, 2015

স্রষ্টা হতে চিঠি! ( Letter from The God! )

 Letter from The God! 

Many years ago a farmer named Ravid lived in a small village of Sylhet. He used to work in other people’s lands. Because he hadn't got any ground of his own. He toiled hard for earning livelihood. His children weren't allowed to play outside in the fields. Mostly he was cheated by landholders and the affluent people of whom he worked for. Ravid was very distressed about all these.

      One day like a marvel, he found a land at a cheap price. It had a rate of 80,000 taka. He wanted to buy that ground. But he had savings of only 60,000 taka. So, he needed more money. He requested his friends and relatives for lending him some money. But every time he had to hear, “You’re nothing but a poor peasant. How will you return it?’’ And the land owner even didn’t agree to decrease the charge.

     But Ravid had a master plan. He knew that who wouldn’t refuse him. He decided that he would ask God for money! He did as he thought. He said to God, ‘’ Hey my Lord! I always obey your orders. I never miss my prayers. I try my best to live in a decent way. You know that I’m an impoverished cultivator. After such a long period of my life, at last I found a land. If I can buy it, all the miseries of my existence will be gone. But I need 20,000 more taka for buying the piece of land. Please give me the money as soon as you can.” Saying all these to God he wrote a letter and posted it in the post office.

        Three days later, the master of the post office asked the postman, “Why is this envelope still lying on the table? All letters are coming and going except this one.” The postman replied, “ Sir, it’s because it has a peculiar recipient.” “Really? Who is it?” Postman replied, “ It is God!” Then all the staffs of the post office became very curious and they opened the cover of the letter. Their eyes burst with tears after seeing such a belief on God. They determined that they won’t let such trust get putrefied. They gathered money from their earnings. After the completion of enrolling, the amount of money was 17,000 taka. It was 3,000 taka less. But the staffs of the post office weren't too rich. They could arrange only this much. They put the money in an envelope with a small letter and sent it to Ravid. The peon carried the letter and kept laughing on the way. He said to Ravid that God had sent him a letter.

    After one day, another letter came in the post office from Ravid. The establishments opened it and saw that Ravid said in the memorandum, “ Thanks a lot, God! I have got the money that you sent me. I have bought the land. I can now cultivate crops on my own field. There’s no one to cheat me anymore. My children can now play games in the field. And all my sufferings have gone. But God, I have something important to tell you. The world is full of bad people. The staffs of the post office stole 3,000 taka from the money that you sent me! But somehow I managed to collect the money. These kind of people should be punished, my Lord.”


           The poor farmer had full faith on God and believed that only God can help him. So, he was rewarded by Almighty through someone or some people. Again, the staffs of the post office adopted some measures which were nothing but lies. For that they became infamous to the members of the family of Ravid.  
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