Friday, June 20, 2014

The Thing That I Like Most

  I like astronomy. More than anything in the world. I like absolutely everything about this subject. Astronomy lets me learn what the world is for. And how little I am a creature compared with this huge Universe.    
                    The things I like best about the Universe are its wonders, its creations, its objects and most importantly, the infinite amount of secrecy it has in every step of its creations that are yet left to be discovered. It lets me know that I’m a pinpoint sized creature, who lives in a pinpoint sized planet of a pinpoint sized Solar System of a Galaxy- which is a very little part of a huge masterpiece. This prevents me from thinking myself to be superior.  
       Astronomy lets me think something large. It lets me peek through the sky to discover something, to realize the uncontrollable energy of the heavenly bodies in a very controlled way. It shows me the variety of colors, the birth and death of a star, the creation of planets, moons and everything all at once in a nice model. The night-sky is an abstract TV that shows programs that I feel most comfortable to watch.  Only through the sources of astronomy can I watch something that a normal human-being can’t. I watch a star being born; I watch a normal star changing into a Red Giant or a Red Giant being changed into a Red Super Giant. This is another thing I like about astronomy.     
                    The knowledge of astronomy lets me see something in a very different way. For instance, when I’m picking up a beautiful gold ring, I’m not just feeling its beauty, but I’m thinking about the dangerous beauty of the Supernova (or maybe something else) from which the gold ring’s elements got created and touched the earth’s surface later. When I observe a star with my naked eye, I wonder about the hard-working light particle which is coming from it. It feels really great to know that I can look thousands of years back, just by watching a small dot of light in the sky. When I read about Black Holes and Quasars, I get to know that nothing is impossible in this world, nothing at all.    
                    Carl Sagan says – “Imagination can often take us to the worlds that never were, but without it we can go nowhere.” I often visit the non-existing worlds through my imaginations. And stargazing lets me have these.                     
                    Astronomy is something that I live for. I don’t need any equipment to feel the magic of it. I just know that astronomy is a worthy subject to be liked. Astronomy lets me look at the wonderful beauty of a superior universe, the universe in which I was born and will have my death at the same time. This is the best thing I like about astronomy.

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