Monday, March 24, 2014

How To Draw An Anime Character That You Like

How To Draw An Anime Character That You Like:-
Step 1: Start with sketching the circle.
Step 2: Complete the shape of the head by drawing the lines for the                                                             cheeks, jaw and chin.
Step 3: Draw guide lines to mark the areas of the face such as eyes, nose and ears.
Step 4: Add the details of the face and ears.
Step 5: Sketch the hair and hair lines.
Step 6: Add accessories.
Step 7: Use a smaller tipped drawing tool to refine the artwork and add more detail.
Step 8: Outline the sketch.
Step 9: Erase the sketch marks to produce a clean outlined drawing.
Step 10: Add the base color of the artwork.
Step 11: Add additional color as shading to complete the artwork.

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