Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Imagine I am a Cow! ( THE ARTICLE OF COW! )

Imagine I am a Cow!
Muttakin Rashid Alvi

No, I am not joking at all! I am serious about this! I am really a cow now! So let me SHOUT, “Humba!’’ At least for some kind of harmony for sometime.
              My eyes see and feel many bad things happening around the planet. But the only thing that I can do is SHOUT, “Humba!’’ Because I am a teen aged cow and my horns aren’t too long let alone being sharp. I can’t express my feelings like humans do and so I can’t protest that much.


 I like moving from one place to another. I love the fascinating tea gardens and when I am on the hill-tops I feel cheerful about the fact that I am far far away from humans.

              I see liars, frauds, cheaters but I can’t burn their lips. I see eve teasers but I can’t be the goddess of vengeance. Because there is no Nemesis for giving me any kind of regalia for a few days.

               One day I saw some bad boys beating an old and poor man. The man’s fault was that he entered into their playground and spoiled their game. I rushed to the spot. I tried hard to save the poor fellow but it was drowning me to know that I am a small cow. I could do nothing. The boys daunted me away. On that day my brain, soil and rest of the body was haunted by some terrible ghosts. I had a feeling like I have a better life being a cow, not human. My society and their society are completely different. Here we have fun and there’s none to put a gun on my head. I need not to have tensions, no hard feelings. Eat grass, drink water, move around, relax and have an awesome sleep each and everyday.

                 I know that very well one day I will be slaughtered and I am not frightened about this. But do you know what the funny thing is? Humans are slaughtered everyday and every night. Their heads don’t get cut off but their brains and souls do get cut off. They’re slaughtered trillions of time but I will be slaughtered only one time! And those slaughterous people are never given punishment.

             So, being a cow, I do have a better life than those of humans. I am proud that I am a cow and so let me SHOUT, “Humba!’’

                                                       Muttakin Rashid Alvi, loves Sylhet a lot. Loves to write and wants to become a great writer. . He is a travel maniac.He also wants to make cyber robots after becoming an engineer. He is trying to remove illiteracy and poverty.



  1. Very well written...You have put forward the darkness of our society beautifully...Your article expresses not only your worries for our society but also your will for making it a better place to live in...:)
    A great and inspiring story indeed...:)

  2. that was DEEEEEEEEP dude.
    beautiful in a word. love the irony you put in there. and the pictures, just added to the already insightful piece.
    this makes me want to be a cow too.

    and most importantly, i love what you want to do.

    keep writing :)